How Old Is Too Old to Start Dressing Like Roman Reigns?

I’m always stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to style. The stylish clothes don’t fit me like they fit mannequins. I sweat too much and get too hot to rock a baggy sweatshirt all year long. I have exactly one pair of (non-gym) shorts that fit me the way I want and the company that made them doesn’t sell that style anymore. Dry fit team gear is my go-to, but nothing looks more pathetic than wearing a Reds Spring Training workout shirt to a bar when there’s no game on or you’re not pregaming before heading over to Great American Ball Park.

Just like everyone, I look to people I admire for style advice and fashion tips. So, what did I do while I sit here waiting on the Reds’ 1:35pm start time? I started Googling famous people who aren’t skinny and fit the mold of the trendy fashions. That’s when I came across this look. Continue reading

It’s 3:16, So Let’s Celebrate With Some Stone Cold Videos

Happy 3/16 everyone! Pi Day is for nerds. I sat back and watched everyone talk about Pi/Pie for an entire day knowing that 3:16 was only 48 hours away. Have yourselves one hell of a 3:16 Day everyone. It is the perfect warm up for St. Paddy’s Day. If you need a little motivation to live your best Stone Cold life, I’ve got you covered. OH HELL YEAH Continue reading