Prepare for Tonight’s Halftime Show With Shakira Music Videos

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a Super Bowl Big Game halftime show. Sure, J-Lo is fine but Shakira is top five for your boy. Was it because she burst on to the American scene during my formidable years of horniness? Its possible. Actually, it’s not just possible. It’s probably an iron clad fact.

Anyway, now that I’ve weirded everyone out, enjoy some Shakira music videos in preparation for tonight. You’re welcome.


Don’t worry. I’ll still be watching the Puppy Bowl. I have two TVs, I’m not poor.

Eagles Fan Gets Best Super Bowl Tattoo of All Time

I’m kind of tired of the standard championship tattoos people get every season when their team wins the big game. Is that because I’m partially jealous that they are getting to celebrate a championship and I’m not? Probably. But this isn’t about me. It’s even worse when fans get the preemptive celebratory tattoo just for attention on Twitter and the annoying Darren Rovell tweets. Continue reading

Hopefully the Bengals Took Notes

Well, it is sad but football is over for a while and for the rest of the winter and spring 31 of the 32 fan-bases are stuck scratching their heads wondering about what could’ve happened. Experts will immediately start/ continue to analyze the next batch of superstars that will bring glory and championships to franchises. One franchise has some time to celebrate before they have to refocus. Was it the team everyone expected? No, it was a team most of the sports world counted out from week one. The Philadelphia Eagles are the best team in football and it definitely didn’t happen by accident.

No matter the outcome year to year I am a lifelong Bengals fan, I have no idea why at times but I love them. I don’t have all the answers as to how they can fix their woes, nor am I going to run through my ideas because no one cares. I am simply going to say to the Bengals, hopefully, you took notes. The Eagles were the hottest team in free agency, they also have a young coach willing to take chances, and they survived injury with the next man up approach. We were preached change with Marvin Lewis 3.0, I just want them to prove it. The Eagles have a franchise I would try to emulate for years to come!

(Source: AP Photo/Gary Landers)

Nati Boys #43: The Big Game


The Nati Boys start the show off with a little NBA talk about whether LeBron is cursed, and the blockbuster Blake Griffin Trade. We also get you ready for the big NFL showdown between the Eagles and Patriots by previewing the game, giving our picks against the spread, and coming up with some fun prop bets for the game. Our fantasy draft this week is of alternative Super Bowl Half-time shows. Enjoy!

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Super Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Sup fam? If you’re anything like me, when the Super Bowl rolls around and you’re invited to someone’s house to watch the game, you’re looking for the easiest thing to bring that doesn’t make you look lazy. If you just bring a bag of chips, someone may call you out for being a cheapskate and putting no time/effort into what you brought.

I’ve got a solution for you. The following recipes are super-fucking easy, and reasonably priced so you won’t disappoint your mother once again. Also, they happen to be delicious. Tell me what you think when you’ve tried them.

Bagels & Cheese Dip


  • 2 bricks of cream cheese
  • 2 jars of Old English spread
  • Garlic powder
  • Bagels, cut up for dipping


  1. Mash the cream cheese and Old English spread together. Really whip it up, whip it real good.
  2. Sprinkle in the garlic powder as you mix until it tastes good.
  3. Dip your bagel in it, and enjoy. You get to decide whether you share it with others or keep it all to yourself.

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Milliron Sports NFL Playoff Predictions

With the 2017 NFL season set to kickoff Thursday, September 7th, our NFL experts have released their predictions for the 2017 playoff picture. Check out our picks below for each division winner, each wild card team plus our Super Bowl predictions. Think we got it wrong? Think you could do better? Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Continue reading

Nati Boys #17: Bengals Season Preview


The NFL season is back, and it’s time for the Nati Boys to give you their predictions for the Cincinnati Bengals season, and for the Super Bowl.¬† We also talk a little baseball, with JD Martinez trying to imitate Scooter Gennett, BP moving out of Atlanta and onto the Angels, Bryan Price coming back next season for the Reds, and those cheating Red Sox.¬† We wrap up the episode with our fantasy draft of things that are more likely to happen than the Jets winning the Super Bowl.

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