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The Ryan Finley Experiment appears to be over in Cincinnati as the Bengals have officially announced that Andy Dalton will be back as the starting quarterback this weekend.  We give our thoughts on what this means for Finley going forward and how the change may potentially impact the Bengals draft position.  Also, with Thanksgiving just a day away, we take time to reflect on the things we’re all thankful for in the sports world.

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BREAKING: Man (Possibly Horatio Sanz) Chooses Dog Treats Over Thanksgiving Feast

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. There are so many things I hate about this video. First of all, why do you air a dog show leading up to a day full of football? Even if I was in the mood for a dog show, I’m going to absolutely despise it because of the simple fact that it’s not football. If I’m waiting on football, nothing else on the TV will get a fair shake. Right or wrong, that’s how it is and I’ll never apologize for that. Now it’s starting to make sense on why I hate parades. There’s a time and place for dog shows and parades. The prelude to a football marathon with breaks for booze, food and pies ain’t it, chief.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year so it seemed like the perfect time to write my first blog.  I want to thank Mac, Whitty & DB for the opportunity to (hopefully) add another quality perspective to Milliron.

The football season is hitting its stride (although almost every NFL team sucks this year), the NBA is just around the corner from really mattering, college basketball is ramping up and the weather is turning so spending the entire weekend cooped up in the house watching sports for hours and hours is becoming more and more acceptable.  Thanksgiving Day brings it all together.  We have three NFL games, the Egg Bowl, a slew of college basketball match-ups as well as a seemingly never-ending table of food and time spent with family.  During this time with family, we like to rehash old stories and memories.

Here are three great Thanksgiving Day sports memories I have:

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