Should Ohio State Adopt a Two Head Coach System?

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When Ohio State takes the field this weekend against Tulane it will be the first time this season that they’ll do so with Head Coach Urban Meyer. Meyer returns to the Buckeyes, who enter the game as 37 point favorites over the Green Wave, after serving a 3-game suspension. During Meyer’s absence, Ryan Day did a more-than-serviceable job filling in. While he never faced much adversity during the first two weeks of the season, the Day-led Buckeyes faced a huge test on the road against TCU in week 3. After a relatively lackluster first half, and facing a 21-13 deficit late in the 3rd quarter, Day made the necessary adjustments and rallied the team for a 40-28 victory. Given his stellar performance as interim Head Coach, I think Day deserves another shot at the spotlight, which is why I think the Buckeyes need to roll with a two-head-coach system from here on out.

Now I know all of you naysayers will be quick to spout off all of your meaningless cliches: “But there’s only one headset”, and “If you have two Head Coaches then you don’t have one”, or “Ryan Day’s job title is Offensive Coordinator, he isn’t a Head Coach”. All I hear when you say that is “I’m old, stubborn and stuck in my ways and I’m afraid of anything that’s new and different.” Sure, Day may get to take the reins in mop-up duty this week against Tulane, but I want to see him get some meaningful time at the helm when it matters, like next weekend in Happy Valley. As long as they implement it correctly, like rotating them in and out after a set number of series, then it’s going to keep opposing teams on their toes and can lead to nothing but success (just look how great their two-QB system worked a couple years ago). Hell, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Buckeyes run them both out as head coach at the same time for a couple plays. It’s going to confuse the shit out of the players and everyone knows that the only way to combat chaos like that is to perform at peak levels, so it’s guaranteed to maximize production from the OSU players.

Some of you may be asking, “Is it really fair for a guy to lose his job to his backup just because he misses a few games for something small like an injury or terribly mishandling a domestic violence situation with a member of his coaching staff?” Fair question, but this is a “Next man up”/”What have you done for me lately?” kind of game. Urban should know that better than anyone. Nobody is irreplaceable (shout out Beyoncé), so if Day steals some reps from Meyer after all of this then he’s earned it. And I think the Buckeyes are better off for it. It’s time to introduce a new wrinkle into the game. This one-coach mentality is starting to get stale.

Nati Boys #71: Football Is So Close, Yet So Far Away


On today’s episode of the Nati Boys Podcast, we lightly roast Jefe over his receding hairline, talk Browns episode 3 of Hard Knocks, George Iloka being released from the Bengals and Whitty totally pops while giving his hot take about the Urban Meyer situation in Columbus. Our fantasy draft this week is of things we’re looking forward to during the football season. Enjoy the show!

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Wake Up With Whitty – 9/9/2017

Welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. There’s a lot to be excited about this weekend with some big college football matchups, including No. 2 Ohio State against No. 5 Oklahoma, which has huge playoff implications. The NFL season is finally underway as well, and if football isn’t your thing, the MLB playoff races are heating up as that season enters the home stretch. There’s a little something for everyone this weekend, which is why this is hands down the best time of the year for sports fans. So while you’re waiting for that chili to finish cooking before your favorite team kicks off this weekend, check out this week’s Wake Up With Whitty and let me know what you think.

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Countdown to Kickoff: 39 Days

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39.  Urban Meyer has 39 career Big 10 regular season victories, which is 4th best among active coaches.  All three coaches ahead of Meyer have at least 10 years experience in the Big 10 though, compared to Meyer’s five seasons as Ohio State.  His 7.8 conference wins per season is the most among active Big 10 coaches.  He’s topped the 8 win mark in four of his five seasons, which is as many as the other 13 coaches combined.  Despite the regular season dominance, Meyer has only made the Big 10 championship game twice, with a 1-1 record in those games.  Chances are Meyer will add at least a few more Big 10 Championship trophies to the trophy case before his time in Columbus is complete.  Right now the Buckeyes look like the favorite to win the conference this year, but we’ll have to wait until December 2nd to find out for sure.

Countdown to Kickoff: 43 Days

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43.  Urban Meyer has coached in 43 Big Ten matchups (including two Big Ten Championship games) during his tenure at Ohio State.  He is 40-3 against conference opponents, with two losses to Michigan State and one to Penn State, by a combined 16 points.  That kind of dominance over a conference can only be rivaled by Nick Saban down in Alabama.  There are few guys out there that excel at both coaching and recruiting like Meyer does.  It seems like no matter how many top tier players leave for the NFL, another stud is ready to step up and take their place.  Even with Harbaugh taking over at Michigan, I have no reason the believe Meyer’s stranglehold over the Big 10 will end any time soon.  As long as he is at the helm the Buckeyes are always going to be in the National Championship conversation.