The Sedin Twins Should be Inducted into the Hall of Fame as One Person

Henrik and Daniel Sedin just played the final game of their career on Saturday night. In case you missed it, the Sedins announced their retirement on Monday.  After 18 years with the Vancouver Canucks, the world’s favorite pair of Swedish twins have decided to hang up the skates in order to spend more time with family.  I’m not typically one to nitpick, but when you’ve played on the same line as your twin brother for your entire career, don’t you pretty much spend time with family every single game?  Seems like a piss poor excuse to me, but I digress.  I always hated the Sedins.  Not because there was anything unlikable about them personally, but because they were just so damn good.  I hated when my team had to play against them. It was almost unfair how much chemistry they had on the ice, but I guess when you’ve grown up with someone your entire life and you share the same set of genes, you’re going to be pretty in tune with each other.  They were incredibly talented, and I think there’s no doubt that they’ll be headed to the Hall of Fame some day.  Still, if they want to boost those chances, they may be better off lobbying to be inducted as a single person. They’re practically the same person anyways…
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Former Blue Jacket Fan Favorite Derek Dorsett Forced Into Early Retirement

Well, this really sucks. As a Blue Jackets fan, I loved watching Derek Dorsett. There were some nights that he was the only aspect of the lowly Blue Jackets game worth watching. Whitty and I suffered through some rough losing seasons as season ticket holders (not to brag) but we always sat on the edge of our seats when Dorsett was on the ice. He might not have been the biggest guy on the ice (he was often the smallest) but he played like a man possessed and wouldn’t back down from any player in the NHL, no matter the size.  Continue reading