Barry Trotz Stepping Down, Will Seek a Larger Contract and Human Neck With Another Franchise

In somewhat unsurprising news, Barry Trotz will not move forward as the Washington Capitals’ head coach next season despite their 2018 Stanley Cup Championship. It has been rumored throughout the season that Trotz would seek employment elsewhere regardless of how their season wrapped up, but many had hoped a Cup would keep him in Washington for the foreseeable future.

I’ve always been a fan of Barry Trotz and his no-neck look behind the benches. I’m sure he’ll have no trouble finding work somewhere in the NHL, but chances are he won’t find a situation as good as the one he had in D.C.

Best of luck to Barry. Hopefully he heads to the Western Conference and takes Tom Wilson with him.

Nati Boys #59: Bringing a ‘Ship to the Nati


The Stanley Cup Finals is set with the Vegas Golden Knights lining up against the Washington Capitals. We talk NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, and what we’d give up to bring a championship home to Cincinnati. Also, if you’re looking for a killer yardsale this weekend, Jefe has got you covered. Enjoy the show!

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I Have Confidence in the Blue Jackets, and That Scares Me

boomer cbj

There are few things in the world better than playoff hockey. Unfortunately, as a Blue Jacket fan, I’ve only gotten to experience the feeling a limited number of times, and never beyond the first round. This is the year that all changes though. The Blue Jackets will give me something I’m really not used to as a Cincinnati sports fan: a winning postseason.

I know what you’re saying. “Oh Mac, you’re just being optimistic again like you always are, hoping for the best but never expecting the worse”. You obviously don’t know me. I fully expect my teams to lose every single time they step onto the field (or ice). Until the clock strikes 0:00 and all chances for a video review are exhausted, I still don’t believe my team has won. It’s a miserable life to live, but someone has to. Right?  Continue reading